Purrfect Pets Slots

We love our dog more than life itself. We feel that our dog is the greatest creature on the planet, and we think most pet owners probably feel the same. The only people that don’t like dogs or cats are the kind of people that go around mooching off everybody else’s. Animals like these are a joy in that way, being an instant way to brighten up a room, and it’s hard not to look at them and chuckle just a little bit. This game was made for people like that in mind, and turns the cuteness up to full blast!

If you’ve ever seen something by Sanrio in the Hello Kitty franchise, then you know what to expect when the game takes center stage with these wonderfully hand drawn graphics. Everything looks like a series of cute and cuddly stickers that are so good that we actually wish we can purchase them! The colors are vibrant and subdued at the same time, having a nice pastel look to it that has just a little bit of punch thanks to the saturation in the colors. This is a wonderful way to make us smile, then clearly knowing our tastes very well!

The theme aside, however, there are still a lot of features your present that will entice you. There are a grand total of two progressive jackpot, for example, and other exciting features that help increase your winnings overtime. These include 10 free games that include double prizes, as well as other increments of that as well, going all the way up to 50 free games and having your winnings multiplied by six. This is a hard thing to get it because it is the wilds that activate it, but it still comes up often enough to make an appearance!

If you want to see why everybody loves pets, love your pet yourself, and need some easy money to buy them some more food, this game is the perfect answer to your predicament!

What You Can Expect

This game is so painfully cute that it may hurt your eyes if you are not wearing sunglasses! That is the clear focus of everything they did in this game. They even named things in very cute ways, such as having the doggie dollars feature, and the wildcat future. Everything here is cute in all ways, right down so the color choices, and what they have shown the animals doing. If you are not into cute, then you can keep walking! That really is everything that is written all over this game, and we don’t think that anything about it is going to rub you the right way if you’re sick of that.

If you were to take away that shiny sticker coat, however, this game is still a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the mechanics. They have placed two progressive jackpot, three bonus features, and enough winnings potential to keep even the most jaded slot veteran happy. Although there are only five lines to bet on, we feel that the rest of the stuff more than makes up for everything else. It is fun, familiar when it comes to the gameplay, and innovative in the sense that it offers you many different ways to win in the form of multiple jackpots and the aforementioned bonus features.

What They Could Have Improved

One thing they definitely could have added to this game or a far larger number of bedding amounts that you can put down. The number of lines you can bet on are not all that hard, but everything else here would have easily allowed for something like that to happen. We would have enjoyed being able to pass on any number of things in any amount that we would have liked. This is not so much to ask in our opinion, and clearly our opinion right now matters, because you are here right now trying to read it!

General Style and Presentation

This game is so cute that it may actually cause you to cringe enjoy! We understand what they mean by phrases like so cute we want to eat something, because that’s how we felt here. It looks like someone that loves the genre and general made this game, and really knocked it out of the park when it came to the visuals.

The colors here are a nice mix of vibrant tones and pastels hues that keep things very unique looking while also still being very friendly. We particularly enjoyed making the already young animals look even younger, almost looking like puppies themselves had babies, alongside the equivalent for kittens. They also included many cute little things that animals use to make it more fun, such as their food dish, colors, and those cute little cat toys! Did we mention this game is cute?

Summing Up the Game

Purrfect Pets Slots takes the award for one of the cutest games about animals ever made. Even if this were not a slot machine game being played here on the Internet, they could have easily taken the graphics here, put them on almost anything, and made a bunch of money. We would even buy these on T-shirts, they look that good! When you add to that the fact that there are two progressive jackpots here, and three bonus features in total, you have a game that is hard to ignore. The only people we can see you not liking this game are ones that have no heart. We think that with enough money that you could win from this game, however, you can buy that hard, and should still give it a chance!

If you want to play one of the cutest games ever made, have a love of animals yourself, and find yourself smiling while looking at the screenshots, feel free to indulge!