Plentiful Treasure Slots

If you are a fan of treasure, this game has it in droves! Featuring some of the most colorful and expensive graphics you will see, some wonderful gameplay mechanics that give you lots of multipliers to work with, and a maximum bet amount that goes up to 50,000 times any bet that you make, you will be swimming in gold in short order if you are willing to make an investment! This game also features compelling game play to go along with it’s very pretty face, making it an overall well rounded package for players of all kinds.

For starters, this game has twice as many jackpots as you are used to seeing anywhere else. The larger one resets to $5000 while the major one resets to $1000. When you add to this two more minor jackpots, at $250 or $50, you have more jackpots that most games could ever hope to dream of! There is a reason they chose treasur for the theme of this one. It’s hard not to walk away with lots of money here!

Despite the standard number of reels for you to bet on here, there are also 243 lines to bet. This makes things pretty interesting, and keeps it all from becoming stale too quickly. Not that you would be having any issues with that because of how much this game is going to pay you. It really is a wonder how they manage to put this all together and so accessible a package. We really had a good time with this, and walked away thoroughly impressed!

If you like giant piles of money, expensive things, more jackpots than one game has every right to, and things of that nature, that you found the perfect gift for you here! We recommend you try it right now, before they change their minds about the many jackpots and take them all away!

What You Can Expect

For starters, you can expect one of the prettiest games around! We usually don’t like it when games use things with gold and jewels in them because they tend to be made of very cheap looking graphics that defeat the purpose. This game feels like it was made for a king or queen, however, being absolutely well done in every way. They completely nailed the style here, really captured what goes into these kinds of things, as well as our imagination along the way. Even the suits of cards have a nice royal look to them which you don’t see in lesser slots. This is a high quality production all around!

In addition to that, the developers here seem hell-bent on making you a millionaire. We can think of no other reason that they have featured a grand total of four separate jackpots. It’s almost ludicrous to think about, and we’re not sure how they could even pull it off. We have often joked about wanting more jackpots in a game, but they really did it here, and we are happy for it! Better go play a quick before they notice. Or they go broke from all the people winning.

That brings us to our favorite part of the game, which is just how well it pays out. Considering they have four jackpots here, we weren’t expecting to win very much. Usually games like that focus on the big wins. The game had us winning all along the way, however, being very different from its brethren in the genre.

What They Could Have Improved

We really can’t find a whole lot here that we would change. They even have many orders of magnitude more lines for us the bet on! Despite that, however, if we were to try to be critical of it, we could have done was some more bonus features. We feel that we are being greedy making the request of an already admittedly amazing game, but that’s about all we could think of that would help sweeten the deal. They hit it out of the park with this one, it came out very well, and we thoroughly thank the developers for giving us the pleasure to play and win from it!

General Style and Presentation

This game takes everything you would probably find in a millionaire’s cave under their mansion, and makes it all centerstage. Everything is made of gold, jewels, diamonds, and related trinkets. Mostly gold though! It has a very high class and high-quality look to it that is perfectly well suited to the amounts that everything here would presumably cost in real life. None of it feels cheap or secondhand. They put a lot into it, and we appreciate the effort!

In addition to that, it also features a wide variety of very regal looking backgrounds. These keep things interesting, which along side the wonderful fonts and related elements that they use all of the many jackpots, makes it feel like they are celebrating and supporting all of our abilities to win!

Summing Up the Game

Plentiful Treasure Slots is like a cheerleader for your wallet. It entices you with things that are so expensive many of us would never dream of owning them, looks like it was made with production values that match the cost of any one of these items, and has so many jackpots that we almost wondered if it was a typo when we first saw it! Despite all that, it also pays out very well even when you’re not winning big with all those jackpots. It is very impressive in that way, and earns our whole hearted recommendation for that reason. It is one of the best of the genre, about our top favorite games out right now, and we think real time gaming did an excellent job in putting it together. If you would like to try it now, feel free to give it a spin! You won’t regret it.