Ancient Gods Slots

We are big fans of ancient creatures, gods, goddesses, and everything at that time. We grew up reading books about Greek mythology, Roman heroes, and things of that nature. This game takes a very different approach, however, being more akin to Power Rangers than anything else. Although they don’t have the mechanical nature of the robots, everything else as a theme fits pretty much in with that. Even the turtle actually looks like he’s got some armor on him, it is wrapped with a snake for reasons unknown!

This cute and colorful cast of deities is what you will be greeted with in this high-paying game. The production values here are skyhigh, in part as a tribute to the gods. The free spins also rain down like gifts from heaven, and the bets are middle of the road. This is not the kind of game that you will win big jackpots on, but it is one that will give you a maximum award of 7500 times any bet that you make. If that’s not enough to fill your bank account, we’re not sure what it is!

If you are a fan of things with a somewhat Asian theme, colorful creatures that look like they could be ripped from the pages of the ancient world, and generally like animal deities and spirits, you’ll have a lot of fun here. The fact that you will get paid to play this one also factors into that, and it is a good time all around for that reason. We can recommend it with ease, had a fun time with things ourselves, and wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world!

What You Can Expect

For starters, you can expect to see some of the best production values in the business. Some of these games spend all their money on the title image, but this one still manages to fill every single image you will see with colorful pictures that were wonderfully rendered. They look like they were done as a labor of love by someone that has a lot of experience drive things like dragons and ancient creatures. Everything has a somewhat larger than life look to it, and it gives it all a feeling of majesty to it that we feel the game would not have in any other way.

Even if we were to throw away the amazing visuals, however, you would still have the recipe for success here. Everything plays very well of the standard set of gameplay mechanics you are used to seeing from real time gaming, there are enough free spins to keep anybody interested, and the coin sizes go small enough that anyone can get in on it. We do wish that the maximum bet was higher than $25, and it would have been great with some more lines the bet on, but it all comes together very well in a highly produced and well structured way.

This game’s main claim to fame is how well it pays out. We were surprised by just how often the free spins came, as well as waiting bonuses. You will not walk away poor after playing this one! Assuming you better enough to please the gods.

What They Could Have Improved

Although this is clearly a well-made gave that will have a smile on most faces, there is still a lot they could’ve done to make it better. One thing they clearly could’ve done, for example, is added some more interesting bonus features to keep things from becoming stale. Although we like when it pays out as much as the next player, it does get a little bit stale the longer you play it. Once you have seen what is available on the images, you have seen most of what the game has to offer. The fact that it pays out well will have you coming back for more, but don’t expect to be entertained all that much in any way but monetary value.

We also wish they would have let us bet a lot more on any one single spin. We feel in many cases, because of how well the games pay out, this may be why the developer limited the bets. We would like to break free of that limitation, and with all the money we care for!

General Style and Presentation

This game is clearly a looker, and will impress even the most jaded of veterans on the Internet. The graphics come together in an amazing style, so much so that we actually wish they would have made a real video game out of it! It really is that good, hits all the right notes for creativity and is amazingly colorful. The turtle in particular shows a lot of creativity, and the only thing we would like to see are more of these wonderful creatures that they have created!

Summing Up the Game

Ancient Gods Slots takes a very different tactic when trying to address the ethereal realm. Rather than casting gods and goddesses in the leading roles, they have instead turned to animal deities to grace your betting pleasure. Everything here looks amazing, feels very unique, and it pays out very well at a rapid fire pace. Our main complaint is the lack of being able to bet high amounts at once, or any compelling bonus features. This will not be enough to stop those players from having a wonderful time, however. It all comes together very well, is entirely unforgettable, it is probably the only time in your life you will ever see you an armored turtle with a snake out it’s back trying to give you money! We really do like that turtle, and as you can tell, it’s probably our favorite part of the game. It’s so good we wish we could buy some kind of doll made for it!