Frozen Assets Slots

This is a game that hopefully won't hit home too much for most of us! Combining a wonderful winter scene with old-school Vegas game play and a wonderful progressive jackpot, this game promises to pay players 95%, and there is a reason it is so popular! Although the visuals themselves are fairly low-key, and nothing about this game is overtly impressive, we still managed to have a good time here, and walked away all the richer. It's not quite a game about Christmas, but you will feel like it's Christmas with all of the winnings that will come your way!

Most low budget games feel cheap, but this one actually has a lot of charm to it. The little penguins present, the snowman, and everything else has a very childlike look to them that will make you soften up to the experience, and warm up your heart a little bit despite the winter theme! There is only one the line to bet on here, and you can bet up to $15 at most. With the three reels, that makes this came about a standard as you could hope for, and it will appeal to players that are looking for something very simple and easy to jump into on a hot summer day.

When you have the snowman bonus rounds of this, it makes a very well rounded experience that is admittedly very mundane. If you are interested in another classic game by real time gaming, have a love of progressive jackpot, and the winter months are your favorite out of the entire year, then you will absolutely adore this one!

What You Can Expect

Everything here is very low-key, low budget, and easy on the eyes. It is a very relaxing game in that way, spending no time messing around with high production values and getting straight to the game play. You will either love or hate this part of the game because it places the emphasis on things that most other games never touch on. You will not be wowed by the visuals, swept away to another round, or anything that other slot games seem to try so hard to do. Instead, you will have a fast-paced game that is focused on a progressive jackpot, has a child like visual style, and seems very comfortable with what it is.

You can also expect to not lose too much money when you bet on this one. Some games let you take great risks, but this one is on the lower end when it comes to that. Nothing about it is going to entice you all that much to lose your entire bank account in one spin, nor would you even be able to if you would see yourself wanting to do that!

What They Could Have Improved

There is a lot here that they easily could've done a better job with, despite us thinking that overall it's not that bad of a game. The low-budget artwork, for example, does have a certain sense of charm. They could have easily had just as much charm, if not more, if they have put more money and time into all of this. That is not to say that it is bad, but it is to say that it is a little bit under done, and if it were left out in the sun, would melt in about half a minute!

We also wish they would have let us bet a little bit more if we would have liked to. We do appreciate not being pressured into putting a bunch of money down on one spin, but we can also do that in pretty much any game if we simply choose not to. Giving us the option to bet more as needed would have been appreciated, and all of it would have made for a little more enticing experience.

General Style and Presentation

This is one of the simplest games we have seen in a long time, being to the point that it looks like it may have been an artist's first attempt at drawing with digital tools. That's not to say it's ugly, but that it clearly wasn't made by someone that has a good handle on form or perspective, and has a very low budget look to add that as we said may put some people off. It is all focused on the winter theme itself, which makes it all feel cohesive. In the summer months, this is obviously refreshing! Otherwise, however, the visuals don't really have a whole lot going for it, none of it feels like a lot of time when into it, and if it weren't for the good pay rate, it would all feel very cheap very quickly!

Summing Up the Game

Frozen Assets Slots is a game that does not try very hard to impress you with a large art budget, fancy bonus rounds, or anything of that kind. What it does do well, however, is try as hardest to make the gameplay fun, fast, and with a very good pay rate. What progressive jackpot are added to this, you have a game that is very reminiscent of the older Vegas style ones, and just about as accessible as they ever have been.

If you are the kind of person that looks at child like artwork and smile's, and has some money that you would like to grow, this game will be like a small snowball that can build up overtime and blow out your bank account. For everyone else, the progressive jackpot is nice, but you may find yourself left in the cold when it comes to reasons to keep playing. It is good for a spin or two, and we do recommend you try it. Whether or not it will hold your interest, however, depends on your taste, and likely will melt off of your radar very quickly like so many snowmen!