Wild Wizards Slots

We don’t give games this much praise all that often, but this one really did exceed all of our expectations. With production values that are on par with a feature film by the classic Disney Studios, a theme that you do not see anywhere else, a nice sense of humor and style they keep things interesting, and wonderful winning amounts that makes it all worth your investment, this game does everything right, it’s hard to fault, and may put other games out of business by taking all of their players!

For starters, you can tell just how much thought and charm went into this game. Although you will only see the reels themselves in the background imagery, there is an entire world that they clearly planned that this game could have easily existed. The location really does have that much thought put into it, and everything feels like it has a nice lore and history to it that we would love to learn more about.

The way it looks outside, it also plays just as well. It has not one, but two jackpots, for example, which reset at $1000 and $250. When you add to that the many ways to win here, and all of the different combinations that you could make, you have a game that seems designed to put a magical spin on the slot genre, whisking money straight into your wallet, and having a good time while it does so!

If you are a fan of witchcraft and wizardry, love really well drawn things with a nice cartoony look and a painterly sense of color, or maybe you are just enticed by the multiple jackpots and that spiffy looking owl, this is a game you should try right now, and won’t look back after you do!

What You Can Expect

Any games that put this much time, money, and effort into the art style certainly has a lot going for it! Well they can afford to do that much with the way it looks, just think of the way it plays! This one is a fine example of that, having an art style that is good enough to be featured on the silver screen, and a lot of charisma put into every single stroke that the artist so clearly made. It transports you to a magical mystery land full of spells and wizards, and has a nice sense of humor and the way it goes about it. It’s somewhat like Merlin had his own series, and it was made into a comedy!

Addition to that, there’s enough here to keep you spinning until your wallet grows large enough to play for any amount of time you deem necessary! This game has double the jackpots of many other games, and is a hit in our book for that reason alone. The rest of what you would expect to see from a company called real time gaming is also present, which includes the coin sizes that start at a penny and go out to a few dollars, the number of lines you can bet on being 25, and a very low maximum back to keep things fair. There is also a wizards tower bonus feature of that is lots of fun, and in general, nothing here manage to disappoint us no matter how long we played it!

What They Could Have Improved

We really wouldn’t change too much about this game, but there are a few things that they could have done which would have been easy to implement and have cost them not one penny. For starters, we wish we could have that in queen amounts of any size that we would like. This would literally cost them nothing, make them lots of money in the process, and make the game more accessible to players that are looking to put down a little more though in a shorter amount of time. We are not sure in general why companies do not make it so that you can choose the exact amount you would like to bet, because they would see Millie have absolutely nothing to lose in the process!

General Style and Presentation

This game has a very magical, whimsical, and Disney like look to it that we absolutely adore. We keep gushing about the graphics, but this is for a good reason! It looks like they hand painted a bunch of Disney animation cells, all hand drawn to have a nice animated, cartoon like quality that is very expressive and a joy to see. It is full of nice greens, reds, and purples, all coming together to make you feel like you are really being transported to another realm!

Summing Up the Game

Wild Wizards Slots is the game that does many things right, and rarely manages to disappoint. If you are looking to be transported to an era that is so good that it could not have been real, this game creates a magical wonderland for you to enjoy. It features small betting amounts, but double the jackpots you will see anywhere else. When you add this together with the accessible gameplay, and the attention to detail present in every stroke on the screen, you have a game that is a sure fire hit.

If you would like to find out why this game is on the top of the charts so frequently, his beloved by so many players, and pays out so well, feel free to put it to the test yourself and give it a try. You have nothing to lose, only money to gain, and as we said, you can start off at just a single penny if you really wanted to keep things on the low-end. We have a feeling you will get sucked in quite quickly, however, as if a spell had been cast upon you!