Lucha Libre Slots

We are huge fans of wrestling, and the Mexican scene for wrestling in particular. We are not quite sure, but we think the modern and contemporary renditions of dramatic wrestling all have their start up there. We thank Mexico for this reason, and every time we see a taco, we nod our hats!

Joking aside, we really do enjoy this game, and we probably feel that that would be true even if we were not a fan of the source material. Mexican wrestling is world-famous for a reason, and this game and I just the capture every single bit about it that we enjoy. It has a wonderfully expressive art style that was done by an illustrator at the top of their game, a lot of narrative mechanics that make things authentically interesting, and ways of betting and playing that all makes the experience a lot more like a normal video game that you would otherwise expect. These come in the form of signature wrestling moves, which if he used wisely, and we can have you be winning all sorts of money and flying around in your own personal wrestling jet!

If you are a fan of caricatures and that sort of art style, are OK with waiting for 1000 times any bet that you make, and want a familiar game when it comes to the game player but not the graphics, this is perfectly suited to you. The charisma here is clearly on centerstage, and the sense that you get from it is probably fine. We adore of this game so much that we were thrilled to find that it had a sequel, and that alone is a sign of its quality! If you would like to find out what made this game so great that they have to make one more, it’s right here for you to play, enjoy it for as long as you would like, even while you were watching a wrestling match on TV itself!

What You Can Expect

For starters, you can expect to have a lot of fun! That was clearly the main focus of this game, although we really do enjoy the game play as well. The fun part here is entirely located in the graphics. They have such a charismatic and hilarious quality to them that we have a hard time not laughing anytime we see them. Keep in mind that we say this as people that play the game quite a bit for our review, and like the sequel as well. Even when you smile anytime we see the title wrestler jumping out of the same, and all the background imagery that is drawn serves as a wonderful comic strip in its own way. This is the main focus of the game, as we said, so if you don’t like what you see is just based on the screenshots, it’s probably not for you, although we would argue that it should be!

As far as the gameplay girls, you’re not going to see anything here that is overly involved, but it is innovative enough to keep things interesting. You can choose your special wrestling move, for example, that will change the way the game plays in terms of what you will win, the free spins involved, and things like that. These are accompanied by wonderfully drawn illustrations of authentic wrestling moves, making it all the more fun if you are a fan!

What They Could Have Improved

Although we love most everything about this game, and in particular the graphics, there are some obvious omissions that they made in order to pull this one off. The lack of a progressive jackpot for example is one such thing. They could have had a progressive jackpot, multiple jackpots, or anything of that kind. Even a little tiny jackpot would have been nice, just a hint of jackpot here or there! They instead took all of that out, leaving a frown on our faces on that part of the game alone. Everything else is great, but come on! There’s got to be a jackpot on the slot game. It just makes sense.

General Style and Presentation

This game is drawn in a now classic Mexican art style that has provided different games across the indie gaming seen elsewhere. It features highflying heroes drawn in a very caricatured art style with colorful masks and interesting tights. It is hilarious and always, and we feel that everybody can look at this game and have a good time based on that alarm. The colors are also very vibrant, and it all has a nice subtle texture to it that makes it feel very different from the crisp and clean games you will see elsewhere. It has an attention to detail like no other, and we applaud them for their efforts here!

Summing Up the Game

Lucha Libre Slots is one of two games about Mexican wrestling around here, this one being the one that started it all. It features beer, wrestlers, nice winning amounts, and is very accessible for new players. It’s also absolutely hilarious to look at, and features a bonus mechanic that lets you choose how the game will play in terms of the multipliers of the winnings. This makes it very involved, very fun, and interesting in more ways than you are used to. Although there is no progressive jackpots, we feel it is justified in calling everything else about the game very progressive! It’s one that you can sit down for long spans of time and never lose your temper over it. It pays out well, looks amazing, and we would give it a 10/10 if we were into that sort of rating. The only game they contend with it in this genre is the sequel, both of which we wholeheartedly recommend you play whenever you get a chance!