Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots

When you want to see if you have any luck at all, then this might be where you find yourself. You can find that the leprechaun hiding behind corners is who you want to catch in action. He has the lucky pot of gold worth holding onto. Highly rated by those who play the slot, you can find that it might become one of your regular favorites.

You can expect a lot of fun to come from this green, gold, and shining slot game with the luck theme. This 5-reel, progressive, bonus slot game offers the player a lot of fun to escape and play with leprechauns. Now is the time to find that pot of gold?

Real Time Gaming is Excited

The maker of this game, Real Time Gaming, is excited about the release of this game. Having the best graphics and sounds and being more updated and upgraded than the others, this slot will be one of the best and most significant to win with.

The graphics are the best, the sounds, and the gameplay. You can put this all together and get the best out of what they have to offer. You can be sure that you feel like you're getting somewhere with the use of these slots.

How You Can Play

When the time comes to play inside the casino, you want to make sure you are grabbing all that you can from the demo play, the design, the RTP, and more. You can play in the downloadable interface, the instant play Flash version in the web browser, or even your mobile device while on the go. You choose which you feel the most comfortable playing.

Of course, there are two different ways to play: for money or fun. They offer both inside the casino regardless of which method you choose to play on. You do have to have an account to play or try them, though. You cannot come into the online casino and play. You will need to be a player with them first.

Paylines and More Inside the Casino

Play one coin per line on any of the lines with the slots, so you want to choose the best amount when putting down your bet. With 720 different pay lines, you don't have to worry about not lining up the right cashouts. With a max bet of $125, you don't have to worry about not being able to put down a decent amount.

Want more?

The coin amounts range from just a penny, all the way up to ten cents. This allows you to customize how much you put down and win back. The more you put down and wager with, the more you're going to win back. The RTP is up above 96%, making this an ideal slot machine to play with because the cash out will be in your favor more than the home casino.

What the Symbols Look Like

The slot game comes with many different symbols, so it is essential to look into what you will find while you are there. See many of the mythical symbols you'd end up typically found in the forest when it comes to those fun leprechauns.

The fairies are all there, and they come in different colors: purple, pink, and green. You can also take advantage of the classic card symbols since you know more about how they line up to pay well, or if you get nothing at all. You can also check out the four-leaf clover, rainbow, leprechaun, pot of gold, and horseshoe.

The themed symbols are the ones that open up the bonus rounds and provide the most significant payouts when you land on them in a row.

Bonus Rounds Worth Those Extra Spins

There are several extra spins that you can get since there is one that opens up the option to grab the free spins or even to win some big cash.

The three progressive jackpots are always in rotation, so you have three different chances to win three additional, large amounts of money if you land on the right combination.

The pick bonus feature allows you to choose from a few different options on your own. You can then open free cash, free spins, free fun.

The Slippery Wilds Feature is another feature that opens up a smaller, side game that you can play and win some more cash for your player account.

You want to be the one person who signs up with the casino to see what you can get with them. You need to be ready to spin, win, and see just how much money you can win. The leprechauns are waiting. Now is the time to show everyone you're ready to give them all the luck in the world and more?