Video Poker

Many players do not take a second glance at the wonderful Video Poker games that are offered at the casino, but they should. Video Poker is a mixture of poker and slots, it is easy to play and it is extremely enjoyable with many different winning options offered and a number of excellent variations of the game. At the Diamond Reels Mobile Casino the player can access the casino and games at all times of the day and night and with this instant access also benefits from the generous sign up welcome offer of a $450 match up bonus and many other excellent offers.

Learning About Video Poker

Players who are not familiar with Video Poker games can try them out for fun before placing real money bets and this will give them a true understanding of the game. Anyone who has played poker before will know the different poker hands that apply to the Video Poker games. These include Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a King, Full House, Flush, a Straight , Three of a Kind, Two Pairs and sometimes Jacks or Better. The aim of Video Poker no matter which version the player is enjoying is to land the best hand possible that will award the highest payouts. Players start the game by making their initial bet according to the options offered and his own personal budget. The player is then dealt 5 cards and at this stage he needs to decide which cards he wants to keep and which cards he wants to discard in the hope of getting better cards and leading to a more profitable hand. Once the second round of cards has been dealt the hand of the player is reviewed and it is calculated if he has won anything.

Versions of Video Poker

There are many different versions of Video Poker to enjoy, some that offer joker symbols, some that payout extras with different cards and then there are the games with more than one hand. Players can enjoy five or fifty games in one and split their bet according to the different hands that are held. With the multi hand games the player can manually change his hands or rely on the computer brain of the casino to help him. All the Video Poker games are completely fair and the player is able to enjoy amazing games while on the move or at home or at the office thanks to the mobile casino.