Golden Lotus Slots

All of the Asian theme slot machine games that we have ever seen all have one thing in common, which this game does as well: they are absolutely wonderful to look at, they have a nice attention to detail, and it seems like they’ve thought of seemingly everything when you play it. It has production values that are wonderful, and art style that is highly memorable, and a payout rate that is high enough to make you wonder whether the game broke somewhere along the way! It is a overall well rounded package, features many Chinese numerology nods that we think most people would probably neglect, and is exciting for anyone that is a fan of these sorts of games.

Even without the theme, and the audience that that tends to dry, this game still feature some of real time gaming’s best work. You can bet in coin-sizes that start at a penny and max out around five dollars a coin, you can bet at most $125, it has a wonderful Chinese garden bonus feature, and it has jack pots all over the place, hanging over your head, and making you hope for one more spin to set them off!

We walked away from this game being very impressed, and don’t feel that it is yet another Asian theme slot machine game in a market that is already filled to the brim with them. They did a lot here to make this one stand out, thanks in no small part to the progressive jackpot is going all the way up to $8888, and they’re being two of them at that! If that number alone strikes your fancy, and the fact that they have more than one jackpot, this is the kind of game for you. Even the bonus rounds give you 100 times any bet that you make, which is many orders of magnitude greater than you will typically see. They clearly put a lot of effort into this game, it pays well, if you would be paying yourself to give it a try!

What You Can Expect

Many Asian games on the market are fun, mostly revolving around how fun they are to look at. This game in that way is no different. It is a very pretty game on the eyes, has high production values, and like we said, the art style is in no way interchangeable with other games. It has a very unique look to it that is highly Chinese, and we almost wish we could have some of these images hung up on our wall!

Even though the art style is very classical, the gameplay is anything but that, in a good way! The multiple jackpots are a headlining feature here, which is two more jackpots than a lot of these games have, and double the amount that most ones have even if they were to include it. The bonus rounds also max out your betting multipliers in a way far exceeding our expectations. When you add to this the fact that the jackpots go all the way up to $8888, you have a game that seemingly did everything it could to make you hopelessly addicted to it!

What They Could Have Improved

Of all the things they could have improved about this game, it definitely would not have been the gameplay! They really did everything they could there to make that wonderful, and we wouldn’t change a thing about that. We also enjoy the art style, and have a hard time criticizing it as well. We usually hate suits of playing cards, but because of the calligraphy and the style use to create these ones, we actually enjoyed them. They may even be one of our favorite parts of the game!

What would we change about it, in that case? We’re actually not quite sure. They really did everything here that we would have wanted them to. Even the bonus game is pretty good. They could have done with a far higher number of lines that you can bet on, but that’s only us reaching for something to criticize. When I game even has suits of playing cards that look phenomenal, you know they did a good job!

General Style and Presentation

Everything here has a very authentic Asian look to it. Technically some of it is not quite Chinese, but for most fans of Asian art work, we feel that it is close enough! That might be racist, but it does reflect the taste of fans. They have everything seemed around the lotus flower, which features very prominently into the gameplay. In addition to the different types of flowers that will give you the biggest pay amounts, there are also wonderful women, nice color graphics symbols, and various ornaments from Chinese culture. It all has a very relaxed and subdued color scheme that goes well with it too, feeling like you are on a pond of lotus flowers itself!

Summing Up the Game

Golden Lotus Slots keeps it classy and always but the game play. The art style goes all the way back to ancient Chinese culture, it features hand-painted elements that have a wonderful colorgraphic look to them, and the multipliers go so high that we had a hard time putting this one down. When you add to that the fact that it has multiple jackpots, and those jackpots go up decently high, you have one of our favorite Asian themed games. There are others on the market that are a little bit better in our opinion, but this one would definitely be in our top three for all of the ones that we have played. That is very high praise for one of the most crowded genres of all my spot machine games on the Internet! If you would like to see whether this game lives up to that prayers, feel free to give it a spin.